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What is SERPLease?

SERPLease is an SEO Leadgen platform that enables SEO experts to rent out web assets (websites, Youtube videos) that rank high in local niches to local businesses.

SERPLease is NOT a ranking system, the platform enables SEO experts to easily rent out their assets, collect payments, allow for (invisible to Google) customizations to the assets to make the assets more valuable to their renters, create ‘rentme sales funnels’ to onboard renters and it provides a vast library of high level training created by a company doing over 6 million dollars with exactly this business model.

We’ll further expand SERPLease to also allow for direct lead selling and delivery from your local SEO assets to local businesses in the near future.

For Who Is SERPLease?

SERPLease has two types of users:

1. SEO Experts

This group are ‘our’ customers. They pay a fee to use our platform for their SEO leadGen. They rank their (local) SEO assets and then use our platform to monetize their work.

2. Renters (local businesses)

These are the clients of the SEO experts. They use our system to customize the web and video assets to their liking and their business to send the leads it generates their way. These users are only in direct contact with the SEO experts, not with us.

The platform is basically a business-in-a-box for experienced and beginning SEO experts.

Our goal is to automate as much as possible for the SEO experts so they can focus on what they do best: rank websites.

We’ll continuously ask for feedback from our SEO expert users to add and improve features and flows to our software. On top of that we’ll be running our own local leadgen business on our own platform.

SERPLease Benefits
For the SEO professional:
-Minimize client interaction while maximizing profits
-Recurring, predictable income
-Automatic invoicing directly to your Paypal
-Renting out local websites AND Youtube videos for even more diversified income sources
-Easy to use
-High-level hands-on training from experts actually doing what they teach (and very successfully!)
-Completely brandable to your company (while label)
-Complete ‘RentMe!’ funnel creation, no need for other softwares

For your renters (e.g. local business)
-High degree of control and customization of the site without the need of technical knowledge (Page Skinning Technology)
-New business leads on demand, no need to worry about rankings (top spot for a fair price, the only true #1 Google Ranking one can buy!)
-Automatic payments, and cancel anytime policy using Paypal.
-No need for initial investment and ‘maybe results in X months’
-No worries about expensive content creation
-No need to invest time!
-Real leads, actually searching for products their business offers (inbound marketing instead of costly outbound)

SERPLease Features
Rent out websites, hosted on any platform*

-Renter can edit anything on the pages added to SERPlease if page is set to ‘page editor’
-Renter can overlay any web page if page is set to ‘overlay’ in SERPLease
-The overlay or page edits are NOT visible to Google, so rankings stay unaffected by any changes done by the renter
-RentMe Ad Creator. SEO expert can create ‘site for rent’ pop-up ads and activate them on any page he wants. The ads automatically enable / disable based on rent status of the site of course
-RentMe sales page builder
-A full, easy to use page builder to create high converting stunning sales pages to close the rent deal and automatically setup the recurring payment profile
-When an existing lease contract is cancelled the asset instantly and automatically reverts to original and ‘for rent’ ads are back activated

Rent out Youtube videos

-Import any video from as many accounts and channels as you want
-Rent out videos and control what your renters can customize
-(Partially) customizable video description (let renters edit 1 sentence or a few to protect your video rankings)
-Let renter add tags (enable / disable)
-Let renter edit video title (enabled / disable)
-Advanced Captioning Tool
-This tool helps you rank videos by optimizing and correcting the captioning (an often forgotten but important factor in video ranking) and it allows you to set certain caption blocks to editable for your renter to edit so they can add their own call to actions (e.g. Call 555-666 Now). Caption will be forced ON when using this tool so people will read it.

Renter Management

-Manually add renters
-Manage invoices
-Edit / manage assets being rented for the renter (so you can also make invisible edits to the pages for your renter)
-Manually create / end new lease contracts

Renter’s Dashboard

-Special renter’s manager area. Can be enabled / disabled by SEO Expert
-Manage invoices
-Edit / manage assets the renter is renting

Training Centre

-High-level hands-on training in all aspects
-Niche Research
-Local footprints
-On-page SEO
-Local backlink strategies
-Crowd Searching SEO
-Client Onboarding
-Private Blog Networks (done right for local ranking)
-Web 2.0 (PBN) assets
-Youtube Video Ranking

Example Use Case

SEO professional Danny focuses on ranking niche website in the medical field like chiropractors, dentists and such. He has various website like: -Topdentistchicago.com -Chiropractorinseatle.com

Danny does not like dealing with SEO clients as it takes too much of his time and he just doesn’t like doing it. So Danny installs SERPlease on his sites. He then sets the ‘for rent’ ads on the exact pages where he wants to display them and triggered when he wants it and the site is ready to go.

A few days later Bob de dentist is checking if his website can be found because he is not getting the amount of new customers he had hoped since he had his website created by some expensive website agency. Bob obviously sees topdentistchicago.com pop-up first in the results in google and checks out the page. Then Bob suddenly sees an ad appearing that this site is for rent and how many new leads a day the site attracts. That is SO much more then Bob’s own site does!

Bob clicks on the CTA button and is instantly directed to a special high-converting landingspage created by Danny using SERPLease explaining all the details about ‘renting’ the site and how it will help Bob’s dentist practice. Bob then decides to rent the site and instantly sets up his payment subscription via Paypal. Bob receives an automatic email with all details he need and he can then instantly login to the SERPlease system and edit the website to put in his details (or overlay the ranking site with his own site).

Bob now gets much more leads and new customers a day and is very happy. Danny has a new recurring good paying customer without doing anymore more then he always did, ranking his websites.

Important Note

Access to SERPLease is NOT public. SERPLease only opens its doors to new SEO experts a once or twice a year This is to guarantee the quality of our network and platform and to limit the quantity of people with the high level SEO knowledge so there will be more than enough market for our users to dominate.

*Site must allow iframes to be editable for renters and you must be able to place a javascript tag in the header of the page (similar to Google Analytics)