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What is Flecha ADConnect?

Flecha ADConnect is a SaaS tool that allows you to create perfectly matching landings page variations for each of your ads in minutes.

In the image below at the left side you see the most common situation concerning paid online advertising for most companies.

On the right side you see how it SHOULD be, and that split test have confirmed it to win in terms of conversions with close to 40% improvement

AR Solutions Product Demo
To be added soon :
ADConnect is currently in beta some near future features to be added are:
-online super easy banner creation (no need for a designer for every banner ad variation)
-Conversion tracking
-Full AD Funnel visualization
-Full individual visitor tracking throughout your ad funnel
-Much more depending on what our beta users want!

Doing it the ‘old’ way is bad for 2 very important reasons:

1. It just doesn’t convert as well
2. It lowers your ad quality score, which means higher cost per click (and this is exponential).

A higher ad quality score means lower cost per click, hence more clicks lower costs and higher ROI. This combined with higher conversion rates because the ad perfectly matches the landings page is a HUGE revenue boost for your company!

Every PPC guru tells you to create 5 – 10 different ads to begin with and test out which works best (pro users would easily create 20 – 100 different ad versions).

We tell you, your testing is screwed from the beginning. If you setup your ad funnel as in the image on the left side you testing is already failed before you start because the ad funnels aren’t created equal. Most like there will be only one or two ads that line up with the landings page so obviously they have highest chance of doing best in your test. You’re comparing apples and oranges!

ADConnect lets you load your existing landings pages and then create as many variations as you need in minutes. You’ll receive a unique forwarding URL for each version to use as URL in your different ads. The forwarding URL activates a specific landings page version, all variations are accessible on the exact same URL (so no brand dilution).

Depending how you setup the forward URL visitors won’t ever even see it.

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For who is Flecha ADConnect?

Any business that does online (paid) advertising in any form that wants to increase the ROI on their ad spend.

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Increase ad spending ROI Boost conversions of your ad funnels Lower CPC on your ad spend Create unique landings page variations in minutes Keep track of your ad funnel performance (soon) Easy banner ad (variation) creation (soon) No constant need for an (expensive) designer

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Super easy to use advanced landings page editor No technical knowledge required! Unlimited landings page variations on the same URL No need to clone your landings page 100 times and create 100 different sub domains Ad Funnel tracking and visualization (soon) Unlimited landings pages & variations Easy banner ad creator (soon) YouZign integration (soon) More to come!

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ADConnect Access

You can register for free for a beta trial account at http://adconnect.io. This means you have full free access to our software as long as we are in beta, after beta your 30 day trial period will commence.